the rainbow near the sea



Today, my friend sent me a picture of a rainbow.

We live in the same general area, so when she called me a moment later, I asked her immediately, “What direction are you facing?”

I slipped on my sandals and hurried down the stairs to the backyard, then through a sea of freshly-dug soil to the front porch where I immediately spotted the enormous band of color you see above you.

As a teenager, I genuinely believed in a future where I would reach adult enlightenment and feel at peace all the time. I still think I’ll get there, but I also think that when I do, I’ll spontaneously burst into spirit glitter. Balance of the universe and all that.

Looking at the rainbow, I felt that sense of peace. I almost missed it, because once I’d taken my photographs and looked at it for a while, my attention span was saying, “Hey, let’s go back and Not Write some more.” But I hesitated by the railing and made myself think back to the last time I just looked at something for the pure vacant enjoyment of looking. Not to gain knowledge or appreciation or enjoyment–

Just to look.

And I found that the longer I looked, the more I relaxed. I leaned on the railing and looked up at the sky and thought back to when I was a kid and I saw rainbows and believed in pots of gold or hidden realms at either end. I looked at the the bridge where the rainbow began, and I indulged the part of me that’s seven years old and wondered if maybe that bridge weren’t magical after all.

And now, some fried chicken:



This is fried chicken, but it is fried chicken I made. It is homemade, therefore it is healthy. Thus said the me.

Good night, citizens of home cooking!



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