In my sophomore year of college, I joined a playwriting class at Fordham. I’d never taken a class at the Lincoln Center campus before, and my focus leading up to the class was split between trying to look like I knew exactly where I was going and trying *not* to look amazed by elevators. When the class began, we were a small group of maybe seven or eight. A handful, like me, were taking the course as an elective. Others, like Kit Williamson, were playwriting majors.

Details of that first playwriting class still stand out bolded and italicized in my memory: the atmosphere of absolute non-judgment from my peers, the luxury of presenting just the barest silhouette of an idea and receiving full-bodied suggestions in return, and most of all, the knowledge that I was surrounded by passionate, talented people devoted to storytelling.

Kit was  (and remains) a year ahead of me, and I admired him for his skill in writing, his compassion as a person, and his sheer determination to succeed. His feedback in class was always insightful, carefully considered, and calmly delivered. In a classroom full of vulnerable writers putting their best and worst and strangest sides on full, florescent display, that kind of input was invaluable. I thought of him not only as a role model, but as the kind of artist who would shape the world with his work.

Kit’s current project, EastSiders, is so close to its Kickstarter goal of funding its second season, and I’d like to promote it here. They have five days left, and I truly hope they can achieve their goal and move forward with the story Kit’s created.

If you have the means and the interest in helping, please check out their Kickstarter page and watch some of the videos they’ve posted. ♥



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