owner of the thumb in this photo


Today, since I just got home from the local onsen, I thought I’d leave the rest of the Wolf Children review for tomorrow and tonight talk about someone spectacular: the owner of this computer thing.

So! What’s all that typing up there look like to you? If you’re a stenographer, it means coherent stuff! If you’re not, it looks like the results of a keyboard-dancing cat who’s super excited about the space bar.

In fact, it is stenographer stuff, and my best friend Owner of the Thumb made that stenography stuff. She’s still in school now, but with hard work and a pinch of personal excellence, she should be graduating by the end of the year (success is determined by how fast and accurately you type and not on how long you study). I wanted to see her in action, so I got a book and read her a passage.

Believe it or not, all those jibberish-looking things actually make up words. When I finished reading the passage, she read it back to me from the screen. I’m deliriously happy for her, because she’s stuck with this for years without losing motivation or drive even when her life was more complex and immensely more stressful. I want to see her hard work pay off in a huge way.

And I believe she shall, for she has the confidence and the commitment and the badassery to achieve anything.


Carry on.


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