the land of tokyo

I~ do not have my camera cord with me, so today’s photos shall be imaginary.


So yes! Today! Today, I helped a friend and her boyfriend move some of their stuff to their new apartment. I hadn’t seen my friend in two or three years, so there was a lot to catch up on, and her boyfriend turned out to be incredibly sweet. They’re a really nice couple.

I know that sounds…non-descriptive. “Nice” doesn’t mean what it used to. Nice has become something polite to say when other adjectives don’t fit. But in this case, I mean it the way the word is defined. My friend is kindhearted and her boyfriend is a gentle, sweet guy. Together, they’re a really nice couple. I liked being around them for part of the day.

We packed up some boxes to a beautifully eclectic mix of music, cleaned a little, and packed the rental van about halfway. We drove to their new place as it was getting dark, and carried each thing up three flights of stairs to their new and thoroughly charming apartment. It has tatami floors, so it’s a bit on the older side, but the layout was thoughtful and looked like it’ll be warm and inviting when they finish setting it up.

After that, we went to an Egyptian restaurant near their new place. They said they’d been wondering about the owner for a while – she’s Japanese, and they said they’ve only ever seen her manning the counter. The restaurant is pretty small, only four or five tables, and she seems to do all the work herself.

As we were getting ready to leave, we let our curiosity show and the owner explained that her husband, an Egyptian, couldn’t cook, but she loves cuisine from that corner of the world and so she opened a restaurant. At first, she said, people only wanted take-out and didn’t seem to trust a type of cuisine so unknown in Japan, but as people realized the skill level of the cook (and believe me, that woman puts culinary magic over her kitchen), more and more people stopped by to eat in the restaurant itself.

Definitely going back. ♡ She seemed like a really sweet lady.

Before I met up with my friends, however, I spent the afternoon meandering through my favorite parts of Tokyo. I started in Roppongi at one of my new favorite restaurants and then wandered the beautiful grounds outside. I saw a number of fathers with their toddler and adolescent sons, playing at the edge of the pond or in the small field nearby.

I saw one toddler with his grandma. He was wearing a nametag that said “Trouble.”

From there I traveled to Omote-sando and walked through Yoyogi Park on my way to Shibuya. As I walked, I listened to two of Lewis Black’s standup albums for maybe the fifty-third time. Even then, on the possibly fifty-third time listening to his albums, I kept bursting into manic giggles on the sidewalk and in the park. I probably looked more than slightly crazy, but I’ve embraced this feature of my life in Japan.

And now! I sleep. For tomorrow is a day of rainbows.

Good night!


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