through a lens foodly

Yup, that’s the subject line I’m going with.



So! I spent a long time in Europe, and now I’m back in Japan.


This is a fried chicken bento. It is glorious in my eyes and also in my memory.


This is okonomiyaki, otherwise known (to me) as ambrosia…yaki. My landlady made it a few days ago.


That is the hand of the adorable daughter of said landlady. Behind her my friend is making a face that will be lost to memory forever because her masterpiece of an expression was blocked by The Claw.


A friend and I made this and twelve others today. I ate that one. I got to take home four. Someday, I will bake more. And eat more.


These are cookies. They look like rocks covered in moss to me. I find this super awesome.


I had to miss a bunch of private lessons while I was away, and tonight was my first night back with a pair of men I talk with every week. One of them brought in a map so I could outline my whole trip for them.


In honor of O and the sandwiches I was eating on a near constant basis in Spain, I went out tonight and bought sliced meat, cheese, bread, and didn’t have the time or energy to make crushed tomato sauce from tomatoes the way I wanted to so I just used pesto.

It was an experience beyond belief.

In conclusion: FOOD.

Good night, hungry folks!


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