pizza with honey on it and also some thoughts on pendulums


I ate that in ten minutes. And I was pacing myself. Food, man.

This pizza came from my third favorite pizza place in Japan. It’s in Omotesando Hills on the third floor, it has incredible pizza, and the staff are all incredibly nice and friendly. Pretty cute, too.

I highly recommend the Quattro Formaggi, because they give you honey to drizzle on top, and if you’re like me then you’ll be like, “Eyugh, what?” but then if you give it a shot and you are, again, like me, you’ll go, “Whoaaaa,” and order it every. Single. Time. Because it changed your life.



While I was eating that pizza up there, I was thinking about this article one of my former professors put up on Facebook about irony and how it’s detrimental to America’s culture. It’s something I think most Americans are aware of, but I don’t think many people are looking long-term.

I haven’t been alive very long comparatively, so take this with a grain of salt, but from what I’ve seen and read, humanity operates on a pendulum (see, I wasn’t just being random for the sake of being random because that’s exactly what I do if I have no other ideas and it also amuses me). If we’re at one extreme, we run to the other, then back to the other extreme – a lot of the time we’re in the middle of the spectrum facing one extreme, while others are facing the other direction.

It’s a very simplified way of thinking of human nature. But I think it explains how some of us can go from deeply earnest to a place of such dry irony that earnestness evaporates on contact. Being earnest means opening your heart, which can be terrifying. What I’ve found though, at least for myself, is that the more you open your heart, the easier it is to do and the less scary it is.

I think we take a lot of our cues from media, and I think with time the media is going to be saturated with irony, the same way it was over-saturated with vampires and switched gears to dystopian futures. Eventually, we’re going to go in the other direction. Just a matter of time.


The end.


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