the lovely corkboard


Today! Apart from it being my birthday (in Japan at least) and having some marvelous cake and company, I finally sat down and made a writing plan.

I’ve had this corkboard for months that I was previously using for song lyrics I was memorizing, have since memorized, and just left up because [insert shrug]. Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping a list on my computer of ideas for novels. I decided, since I prefer more visible organization, to write those ideas out on paper and pin them to the corkboard.

The list is actually a bit longer than I thought! I had it around twelve in my head, but I’ve actually got sixteen ideas right now. My plan, since my brain does a pretty common “work work SHINY THING TRACK JUMP work work work SHINIER THING TRACK JUMP” thing, is to have these ideas up on the wall where I can see them so I can at least jump tracks to another idea and have some steady progress going.

The catch-22 for me is that I thrive when I’m on a deadline, and without someone keeping me to a deadline, I’m very easily distracted. And I won’t have a deadline until I can publish something and have deadlines, which I can’t get because I need to finish something to publish it and…yes. The chain of frustration. The problem is that I accept excuses from myself all the time. But no more!

This is the year!

This is the year my writing time will NOT look like this:

SELF: 2,000 words in the next two hours, ready?
BRAIN: Totally, yes. Except…
SELF: Yes?
BRAIN: Nah, it’s fine. Do your thing with the writing.
SELF: No, what were you going to say?
BRAIN: No, man, it’s nothing. Just…
SELF: [waits patiently]
BRAIN: I mean…you were going to close some of these tabs in Chrome, weren’t you?
SELF: Oh! That! Well, yeah, but that one’s an article and that one’s an email from a friend and that’s a new video that I want to watch later–
BRAIN: Ah, I see.
SELF: What’s with the tone?
BRAIN: Tone? Oh, jeez, no, you’re misunderstanding me. I was just surprised that you have such a short attention span that you couldn’t do all those things and just left them to languish there in your browser.
SELF: …As much as I’d like to refute that, I have writing to do.
BRAIN: Oh, of course, of course. You do that.
SELF: I need your help here, dude.
BRAIN: What? Sorry, I was thinking about After Hours. Y’know, the show? Hey, we haven’t marathoned those in a while.
SELF: We haven’t? Sure we have! Remember last year?
BRAIN: Well, yeah, but that was last year.
SELF: …That’s true…
BRAIN: But I’m truly sorry to interrupt, let’s get some writing done.
SELF: Well, hold on now. I don’t…
SELF: We can watch one, right? I mean, it’s been a month, so I think there might be a new one out.
BRAIN: Wow, really? I hadn’t even thought of that.
SELF: Let’s just look and then if it’s there we can just leave it while I [clicks play]

[Three Hundred and Six Years Later]

BRAIN: Weren’t you writing a book?
SELF: Why am I still alive?


…I’ll probably have to spend less time writing scripts in my blog and use that time to write, maybe.


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