Salutations from Amsterdam!

A short entry for now, for I am presently in the airport where wifi is a precious commodity.

So!  Where to begin. I spent the last two days at my friend’s apartment in Stockholm, and we enjoyed two days of utter relaxation. I had time to work on my book, in her superbly pink-accented kitchen and stretched across her cozy pink sofa, and I even had the time to become unjustly invested in a TV program I’ve effortlessly resisted all the long years I’ve known of its existence.

Curse you, Doctor. And curse you, friend-who-did-nothing-to-cause-this-except-innocently-watch-the-show-within-earshot-while-I-was-writing-in-the-kitchen.

My next flight back to Japan leaves shortly, so I’ll depart with some words of wisdom:



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