travel potter and the dose of inspiration


Tonight’s my last night in Europe! Tomorrow at an obscene hour, my friend and I will arise and leave her apartment. She to work, me to the airport for my flight back to Japan.

I’ve had a describably fantastic trip, and it was made all the more enjoyable and memorable for the people I’ve spent it with. From Spain to London to Germany to Sweden, every friend I saw and spent time with on this trip made it something I’ll cherish. Traveling is healing, and there’s freedom and catharsis in it that I can’t find doing anything else.

Except writing. Which, wouldn’tcha know it, is tonight’s subject!

I’ll do a post about the trip, too, but as I’m still technically on it, I haven’t had time to let it all marinate and simmer and produce something tangible for public consumption. … (I’m happy with that collection of words. I shall keep it.)

So! That thingie up there is a screencap of a Scrivener document containing a novel I’m currently writing. Hopefully, those will remain the actual chapter names.

On this trip, I’ve had a flurry of ideas for new books, and now I’m juggling four new concepts on top of the nine books I was already outlining and writing before. That’s the other thing I love about traveling – it brings me out of my routine, out of my comfort zone, and shows me new possibilities and whatnot. It’s as much for my state of mind as it is for my creative output that I love to travel. Every day is a new potential setting, or an opportunity to learn something about the local culture that could influence worldbuilding.

And that’s where I’ll leave this for now, for it is nearly 11pm and we are waking up at 4am and that sounds like a time you go to sleep, not wake up, so TO SLEEP WITH ME.

Good night, gentle citizens of the written word.


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