Oxford and London and Awesomeness


I visited a dear friend who’s going to school in Oxford. We haven’t seen each other in person for many years, but it was as if not an ounce of time had passed (time can now be measured that way).

She walked me around the campus and showed me a number of beautiful places. We were allowed in to one particular college where, y’know, Harry Potter was filmed. I’m sure Oxford is very proud and very, very tired of this being a thing they’re known for.

Apart from the Harry Potter-esque areas, the entire campus feels incredibly cinematic. From the vibrant swathes of grass to the weathered stones of its buildings, everywhere we went felt soaked in history and memory. Just gorgeous.

We spent the following day reminiscing about the thing that brought us together (Jpop) and so very many memories. We walked to a Japanese restaurant she recommended, ate some beautiful food, retrieved some Ben & Jerry’s, and walked back to my hotel.

Today was more of the same, and all in all, I’d say the trip’s been a massive success.

London remains as excellent as the last time I was here.

Soon, when I’m not rushing to bed because of a seven-o’clock-in-the-morning-flight, I will post photos.

Good night, citizens of success!


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