cheese, chocolate, potatoes, and legos


We got a late start yesterday. As it was the glorious day of Sunday, O had the day off work, and so we gathered in the kitchen for some partially homemade gnocchi. O is a magical wizard queen in the kitchen, and the gnocchi she made was delectable in ways I can’t describe.


After that, J decided to feed some more sleep to the brutal illness that’s been plaguing her. While she napped upstairs, I took my computer down to the kitchen and O drifted from room to room with music from her radio trailing behind her whenever she opened her bedroom door. I remember hearing Grease and Flashdance, and bobbing around the kitchen like the enthusiastic and choreography-less ninny I am.

I ate a brownie I’d taken home from Lolita Bakery, heated up in the microwave and topped with whipped cream O gave me.

When late afternoon arrived, I persuaded J to come with O and me to Barcelona to meet up with one of O’s friends.


We liked the look of a German pub on the corner (re: we liked the look of the gelato display case) so we filed in and took a table perfectly situated between the bar and the football/soccer match on TV. I didn’t know the teams, but I enjoyed watching. When I move to Europe, that’s going to be one of the best highlights of living here.

We ordered some food, including the bravas shown above, slathered in a creamy sauce J and I still don’t know the contents of, and those crunchy flakes.

O: Oh, no. They might be onions.
SELF: …I can…eat…around them…under them…
O: [tests one] Ah! Garlic!
SELF: [weeps in relief]

The gelato was also delicious.


Afterward, we walked O to her dance class. J and I continued on to La Rambla for souvenir shopping, but ironically the only souvenirs we ended up buying was a massive chunk of chocolate on a street ten minutes’ walk from La Rambla.


We did, however, make a new friend.


And the recent spell of rain gave the streets a wash of fresh color.



I’ll miss this city when we leave on Wednesday. It has a very unique beauty and charm. ♡


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