mountaintop barcelona


We spent most of the day at high altitudes, but first, a shopping mall.

A shopping mall that was once a bull-fighting arena. O explained that Catalonia has banned bull-fighting on the grounds of cruelty to animals, and so the arena was closed and changed into a shopping mall. That fact didn’t stop this kid from fighting the phantoms left over.


We did not partake of this. Only lusted at it from afar. I can’t…remember why.


After purchasing drinks and other assorted snacks to go with our homemade sandwiches, we hopped on a bus up to higher climes. At some point while we were waiting for the bus, I wondered aloud, “Can we walk?” and O’s expression said a very clear, “No, you crazy thing.”

(She clarified later that of course you can, but only with an excess of both fortitude and free time.)


We had our picnic here, and were accosted just on the edge of threatening by a seagull the size of a bear. Approximately.


O used to work at the art museum, so we were lucky enough to find out 1) it’s free after 3pm on Saturdays, and 2) she knew a lot about the contents of each wing. She walked us through, stopping frequently to greet former coworkers. It was fun listening to her speak at her natural speed in her own dialect. I’m determined to learn this language now.

Up there is what O told us is a gorgeous room one can normally walk in and around, but it’s been rented for the month by Porsche.

Damn you beautiful cars.

Image Image

A beautiful day in all.

Now we’re rushing out the door for Tarragona!


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