general elderberries


[The hat made out of joy given to me by my friend.]

Today I did a magic trick.

I woke up sick, canceled my plans, miraculously got better, and now as I’m about to go to sleep, I’m sick again.

Flip, tuck, dismount, perfect 10.

…They score magic tricks like an Olympic sport in my world.

I practiced some Photoshop, wrote some more background for my book, rewatched The Blind Side, cried a bunch, set my alarm for tomorrow morning, and coughed.

And thought: “Fuck.”

On the bright side, I have that hat in the photo above; it’s shiny. On top of that, my favorite singers are releasing their newest single this Wednesday, the same day I fly to Europe with my friend, and very soon I will have enough worldbuilding complete that I can start on my newest novel.

So a pox on you, disease! I shake hamsters at you and your General Elderberries. Or something.


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