joyous cheese bread


For the second time since starting this blog, I dedicate today to cheese.

More specifically, cheese on bread. The pizza kind.

[Disclaimer: In this author’s opinion, New York pizza is the best pizza in the world. This borders on religious belief.]

Since I moved to Japan there have been two pizza places I’ve deemed incredible enough to compete as the Best Pizza I’ve Eaten in Japan. Today, I had the best pizza I’ve ever eaten in Japan, no questions asked.

It’s called Nagoya Osu, and it’s amazing. I had the Quattro Formaggi, whose mozzarella was soft, fresh, and perfectly melted, with flavor thick in every bite, and ricotta cheese that must have been made in the restaurant itself. The crust was thick, but it didn’t overwhelm the ratio of cheese and toppings. It was, in essence, a beautiful pizza whose taste I shall never forget.

Because I plan to eat there every month for the rest of my life.


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