This is my friend. She is awesome.

Behind her is Desigual, a clothes store chain based in Barcelona. According to people FROM Barcelona, it’s just your average chain store.

To me, it’s Paradise.

Desigual remains, to this day, the only store I’ve ever walked into and thought, “ALL OF THIS SHALL BE MINE.”

The colors, the cuts, the designs – everything about the clothes screamed out to me, “BRING US TO YOUR CLOSET. SAVE US FROM THESE COLD, LONELY RACKS.”

And so I did.

Not the whole store, sadly.

Half, maybe.

Half of half.

Since I found Desigual in Barcelona last year, I’ve discovered branches in New York, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, where I live. I don’t always buy something when I go in, but I visit with enough frequency that the staff of the Tokyo branch seem to think I live in Tokyo.

I like Desigual. A lot.

A lot.

A loooot.

Today’s entry shall be a bit short, because I’m visiting with friends and we’re discussing how uncomfortably attractive our favorite musicians are.

Good night, citizens of joy!


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