I’ve had it in mind for a few days to Imagestart a blog–

Oh, huh. That’s what happens when you upload a photo and type simultaneously in WordPress. Gotcha.

Anyway! I’ve always liked the idea of a daily journal, or a daily anything for that matter. Photo-a-day, bottlecap-a-day, etc. Then I thought of a blog where I’d post something happy-making every day. I’m going to try to stick to photos as a theme, with or without a caption to accompany it. Odds are I’ll get long-winded some days (when I’m procrastinating on the other writing thing I do) and no-words-at-all-y on other days (when I’m focusing on the career-making thing).

Today, for the magical first post! I start with a photo I took at an airport in Seoul last year!

Up to this point in my life, I’d say I’m at my happiest when I’m traveling. Even if the trip is to a place I’ve been before, the act of traveling always carries with it this rush of exhilaration (I never remember where the ‘h’ goes in there). I’m not the most ardent fan of flying (death tube flame-y spiraling…oh, happy blog, right …ahem), but airports always have this sense of adventure.

Maybe it’s my upcoming trip next month that had me settle on an airport for my first image on this blog, but I thought it fit.

Good night, everyone! Memorably pleasant dreams to you all. ♡


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